Therapeutic and sports massage


Massage is the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue using various techniques, to enhance function, aid in the healing process, decrease muscle reflex activity, inhibit motor-neuron excitability, promote relaxation and well-being.

The practice offers one hour massage sessions to both athletes and clients. There are two forms of massage offered, therapeutic massage and sports massage.

Therapeutic massage is used on people with chronic stiffness and pain, and combines a form of Swedish massage techniques along with other forms of manual therapy techniques such as muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. All this techniques are used in combination during the session to offer the best relaxing and southing effects possible to the patient or athlete in hand.

Sports massage is offered to both athletes and recreational athletes that need deep relaxation of their muscle tissues in order to sustain the load of training and prevent themselves from getting any unwanted form of soft tissue injuries. Deep tissue techniques are used along with manual therapy techniques to achieve the best results possible.

A regular Sports Massage could help you by:

-Relieving muscle fatigue.

-Reducing muscle tension, cramping and inflammation.

-Increasing flexibility and range of movement.

-Assisting and speeding recovery from micro damage and trauma to soft tissue damage.

-Relieves pain.


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