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Listen to your body!

Posted in TRIATHLON, PHYSIOTHERAPY on Sunday, 20 April 2014.

Listen to your body!







Whether someone is a recreational or elite athlete or just a regular person with interest in improving fitness, he or she must be able to read the signs of pain being registered on the body.

A lot of times people or athletes choose to ignore or misunderstand the signs or signals that the body gives. They tend to neglect warm-up or cool down before or after exercise or avoid recovering their bodies correctly after strenuous exercise programs. This happens due to ignorance or due to time constraints placed on everyday lives.








Posted in PHYSIOTHERAPY on Sunday, 01 September 2013.

Best practice and misconceptions

What is Cryotherapy?

Is the therapeutic use of local or general body cooling. Cooling effect on the body has the effect of heat transfer away from the body tissues. Cooling in an area results in the lowering of local tissue temperature and provokes thermoregulatory responses.

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