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Best practice and misconceptions

What is Cryotherapy?

Is the therapeutic use of local or general body cooling. Cooling effect on the body has the effect of heat transfer away from the body tissues. Cooling in an area results in the lowering of local tissue temperature and provokes thermoregulatory responses.

Importance of a coach within a group

Posted in TRIATHLON on Sunday, 01 September 2013.

Importance of a coach within a group

Being a member of a team is crucial in order to develop and mature as an athlete. To achieve this development you need someone to guide you (a coach) through the different processes of the sport and the team. A coach is needed whether you are doing a team sport or an individual sport.

During the last few months the group I am training with is getting bigger and bigger day by day. I am not a psychologist nor a specialist in coaching but after interacting with my coach for the last 3 years, I have decided to pay a tribute and explain the importance a coach plays within a team or to an  individual.

I have been coached by a handful of coaches in three major sports (swimming, Triathlon, water-polo). All the coaches I have trained with played a huge role in my maturity both in and out of sports. I am concentrating on my current coach Christos Christou since he has the difficult job of training me at present (mature athlete) and a big group of amateur athletes in Triathlon. I put down difficult job since it has been known that I am not one of the most patient or easy going people/athletes around.

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